Charles Strauss

Elegant Verbal SOlutions


my name is Charles Strauss.

I’m A writeR who solves Problems Through Curiosity, Empathy, And Passion. Whether you need a massive rebrand or a simple headline, My Goal is the same: Results that will leave you SPEECHLESS.     



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If you’re in charge of branding at a fast-growing startup, the CMO at a Fortune 500 company, or anything in between, I’m excited to help you solve your thorniest problems and unlock your organization’s potential using nothing more than the right words.

My approach is highly inventive and intrinsically collaborative. I think like a strategist, but I don't write like one. My expertise spans everything from messaging and identity to websites and email campaigns. On every project, no matter how small, my endless inquisitiveness, my ability to relate to others, and my love for the work shine through. I can be the engine for your creative process, delivering fresh perspectives and an avalanche of ideas along with smart, uncompromising creative leadership.

At the end of the day, it's my job to make sure that every sentence, every word, every letter is working hard for your business.


Charles is one of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, but he never loses sight of the bigger picture. His rare combination of skill and enthusiasm makes him a formidable not just on the verbal side, but in design and strategy as well.
— Aino Horsma / Principal Experience Designer / Autodesk



My client list includes everything from massive tech firms to yoga studios. I've worked with top-shelf firms like 1185 Design and Liquid Agency on projects for GE, Microsoft and Dolby. I’ve done brand messaging for startups, email marketing for B2C companies, and annual reports for non-profits. Whatever your verbal project is, I'm ready to take it on. 


Work History

I began my career as a namer at Salt Branding, and spent several years there learning from some of the best in the business about how to do messaging, strategy, and design. Since then, I’ve run my own freelance business, oftentimes collaborating with agencies as well as working directly with companies to address their branding and communications needs.



I’ve been passionate about words – and the myriad things you can do with them – for as long as I can remember. At UC Berkeley I studied Psycholinguistics, the science of language and thought. My Spanish is excellent, I have a reading knowledge of Latin, and my Japanese is not as good as it used to be.





1. BUild UNderstanding

I start each project by asking questions. Lots of questions, on everything from tiny technical details to long-term plans. I love to learn about products, technologies and people. And I ask, how have you done this before? And, how can we make it better? The more I know, the better the writing becomes.


2. Drive Decisions

Creative projects pose countless questions. That’s why I work to understand the needs of stakeholders, address their concerns, and build coalitions across teams and departments. No matter the deliverable, it's about getting everyone moving in the same direction. 

noun_1017873_cc (1).png

3. Outperform ExpectationS

Finally, I craft a solution that achieves the strategic and creative goals. But I don’t stop there. I treat your business as if it were my own. I obsess over type choices with designers and endlessly retweak UX elements alongside coders, until the end result is unambiguously great.






I’ve worked with Charles on countless projects from ad campaigns to websites over the years. He’s brilliant with words, but more importantly, he brings a strategic vision to his work that’s tremendously valuable. Charles excels at the most challenging aspects of creative work, whether that’s defining key messages or establishing overall creative direction.
— Mark Schaer / Creative Director / DMF

General Electric

Strategy / Messaging


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SF Gate

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Service Source

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DMF Lighting

Brand / Website / Advertising

Working with Charles has been amazingly helpful to both me and my studio. He’s great at explaining the hows and whys of marketing in a way that empowers me to make smart decisions. Charles is more than just a writer, he’s passionate about growing my business.
— Alek Trail / Co-owner / Barefoot Yoga

Harman KardoN








Why the bridge? 



One hundred years ago, another gentleman named Strauss moved to the Bay Area. He was an engineer, and also a poet. And he ended up creating one of the world's most beautiful structures – the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The challenge that Joseph Strauss undertook must have seemed impossible at first. The span tested the very limits of technology as it soared hundreds of feet above the unrelentingly powerful Pacific. But with ingenuity, creativity, and some lovely orange paint, Strauss created a masterpiece that proves that utility and beauty can happily coexist. 

Joseph Strauss

Joseph Strauss